SAS pay cuts up to 25%: press reports

More reports say that SAS is thinking about wage cuts

In further press reports of imminent pay cuts at SAS, the Danish newspaper Berlingske writes that SAS is planning to ask employees to take pay cuts of between 15% and 25% as part of an overall cost-cutting plan. This new package of cost-cutting measures will hit all of the airline’s staff in Scandinavia. Restructuring and the sale of assets may also be part of the plan. SAS is looking at ways to keep cost cuts going after its latest plan, 4Excellence, comes to an end in 2013.
SAS made a profit of SEK 371 million ($56 million) in the second quarter, but it is unclear whether the airline will be in the black for the full year. It has not made a full-year profit since 2007.
[pictured: SAS Airbus 330 landing at CPH; courtesy Copenhagen Airport]