SAS pilot strike in Norway called off

Strike lasted for seven days and involved 17 pilots
SAS signed an agreement this morning with the Norwegian Pilot Union, stopping planned industrial action among SAS pilots in Norway. The new collective bargain agreement with the union is in force for one year, valid from April 1, stopping a strike that lasted seven days and involved 17 pilots.
The strike began last Thursday involving six pilots, expanding over the weekend to 17 out of about 320 pilots. Among other things, the strike led to the cancellation of several SAS long-haul flights from Copenhagen but in general had minimal impact.
SAS says it has now agreed with all of its pilot unions on new collective bargain agreements that create the conditions for future expansion.
“Job security, reduced complexity and SAS’s need to act faster in relation to the market’s demands have been central parts in the negotiations for a new collective bargain agreement with the pilot unions during this spring,” the airline said in a statement.
TTG Nordic