SAS pilots get a single union

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Dansk Piilotforening

New single union stands up to SAS

The four trade unions working for the interests of SAS’s 1,400 pilots in Scandinavia are creating the SAS Pilot Group, Check-in reports.

“We have been playing against each other in all negotiations,” explains the chairman of the Danish Pilot Association, René Arpe.

SAS has recently begun to use the conditions at its Irish subsidiary as a benchmark for what we in Scandinavia will produce flight hours for. SAS is trying to divide us – so we concluded that solidarity makes us strong.”

The members of the four associations have automatic membership in the unions’ new joint venture, and the four pilot associations have in turn undertaken to enter into agreements with SAS only after mutual consent from all four bodies.

SAS has around 1,400 pilots in Scandinavia divided into four trade unions, the Danish Pilot Association (DPF), the Swedish Pilot Association (SPF) and in Norway both the Norwegian SAS Association (NSF) and SAS Norway Pilot Association (SNF).

Cohesion above local wishes
The desire to create a joint Nordic union for SAS pilots has arisen in particular since the airline established its Irish subsidiary, which includes a number of SAS flights from London Heathrow and Malaga to Scandinavia.

The boards of the four unions just completed a two-day conference where the main focus was to agree on a vision and a common goal.

“Although such a process contains major challenges, the DPF, SPF, NSF and SNF agree that concrete actions must be started now. The basis for closer cooperation lies in the fact that cohesion is prioritized over local wishes,” said Arpe, who has chaired the DPF since 2015.

“For a year, the four pilots have talked about making a joint association. It’s all so new that the SAS Pilot Group does not yet have a chairman or a board, but we’ll have room for that, as will the location of the secretariat. But all four associations already have a good organizational structure.”

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