SAS: seat fee from Monday

€40 to get more legroom on long-distance flights

From Monday it will cost DKK 300 (€40) to secure extra legroom on SAS long-distance flights.

“These are the most attractive seats in the economy cabin,” Tormod Sandstø, SAS press spokesperson, told Aftenposten. “Examples are the seats just behind business class and emergency exits.”

Previously you could choose any seat for free. SAS refuses to call the new charge a seat fee; the airline calls it a “value added service”.

Most seats are still “open” so that, for example, a family can sit together. The fee includes only long-haul routes and SAS says it has no plans to roll out such a fee on other routes.

“Free seat choice has always been one of our characteristics,” Sandstø said.

Twenty-two hours before departure all the seats are put up for free, at which point you are free to choose.

[photo courtesy SAS]

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