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A New Nordic by SAS meal (photo: SAS Group)

SAS serves up new vegetarian options

The airline has announced it will be adding two vegetarian choices to its New Nordic by SAS concept of meals.

Starting in June, SAS will expand its New Nordic by SAS concept with two new vegetarian options. The concept is based on seasonal dishes made from local produce, and the vegetarian menus have been prepared with Nordic ingredients, such as Vreta yellow peas, Slätte Gård field peas and Gotland lentils.

SAS says it has noticed a growing interest in plant-based ingredients and has now decided to introduce the two new meals as part of its normal range.

One of the new dishes is cauliflower roasted in camelina oil with Gotland lentil, black bean and beet-flavoured wheat salad.

The other dish features Hällestad mushrooms preserved in dill and horseradish with a rutabaga, Slätte Gård field pea, radish and Persula Gårds roasted turnip, rapeseed salad.

The airline says that the producers who supply the ingredients are dedicated to producing the highest quality produce as free from unnecessary additives as is possible.

Expanding menus
In May 2017, SAS launched the New Nordic by SAS meal concept with seasonal menus. All dishes are prepared with a focus on “high-quality, seasonal ingredients from small-scale local Scandinavian producers and suppliers”.

The dishes are Scandinavian specialities with “an exciting twist” and, where possible, prepared using organic and sustainable ingredients.

The travel and lifestyle magazine Monocle named the range as the ‘Best in-flight meal packaging’ in their 2018/19 Travel Top 50 survey.

New Nordic by SAS is included for SAS Plus customers on short-haul Scandinavian and European flights lasting 80 minutes or more. Travellers wanting to make sure they get a vegetarian or vegan meal onboard can pre-order their meal in SAS Plus or purchase it in SAS Go.

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