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SAS Café Lounge in Trondheim (photo: SAS)

SAS shuts lounges, brings in company-card fee

The airline has announced two unrelated changes, aimed mainly at business travellers, both effective from November.

SAS has decided to follow other airlines and make a surcharge, of 1.96%, whenever an airline ticket is paid for with a company-issued credit card, effective from November 7.

The change for its corporate customers will apply to departures from a number of European countries, but not all, reports.

The fee will be charged by the airline for payment of airline tickets with company-issued credit cards from credit card firms such as American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and UATP.

SAS says that the fee will be in accordance with the applicable rules in the EU’s Payment Services Directive 2.

The fee on the use of a company credit card will be used for the purchase of airline tickets departing from a number of European countries.

These are Denmark, Norway, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain, SAS says.

Lounges closing
Another change at the airline from November will be that the SAS café lounges at airports in Ålesund, Norway, and Luleå, Sweden, will close on November 1 due to too few visitors in relation to the costs of running the lounges.

In recent years, SAS has invested in six of the café lounges at regional airports in Scandinavia, which are open to passengers in SAS Plus as well as the Gold and Diamond members of the SAS EuroBonus program. The café counters are in addition to the existing SAS lounges.

SAS’s remaining café lounges are at the airports in Malmö, Bergen, Tromsø and Trondheim. Last year, SAS closed its two short-lived City Lounges in central Stockholm, the idea for which had been to offer frequent travellers a place to work or relax while in the city centre.

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