SAS to file lawsuit against Norway

SAS extends EuroBonus to domestic travellers

SAS is attempting to win more business travellers on domestic flights in Norway. Such passengers will soon be able to take advantage of the benefits that other EuroBonus members have. SAS is preparing to introduce its EuroBonus rewards program for domestic flights in Norway with SAS and Widerøe, which means that companies with business agreements can offer their employees points when they fly with the airlines.
SAS also intends to file a lawsuit to establish that a ban on bonus programs for domestic flights in Norway cannot be legally enforced for other customers either. SAS said in a statement today that “the basis of this lawsuit is that the government is in breach of EEA rights and regulations in maintaining the ban, which is unique in the world. And that the competition picture in the airline industry has change dramatically since 2002.”
The ESA, or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Surveillance Authority, also sent a so-called Letter of Formal Notice to Norway in July 2012 stating that the ban is not in line with EEA rules and
TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy SAS]

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