SAS to make long-haul routes seasonal

Airline seeks greater flexibility in intercontinental business

In winter, SAS will focus on traffic to and from Asia, while North America will be prioritised in summer. This is the result of a new strategy for long-haul routes, bringing about the seasonal closure of the airline’s Bangkok route and a reduction of US routes in winter. SAS has already announced a decision to open a Copenhagen-San Francisco route from April 2013, which will happen at the same time as the last round trip from Copenhagen to Bangkok until the end of October. It will also beef up its flights to New York.
“We are increasing in the United States in summer and similarly to Asia in winter,” Simon Pauck Hansen, the carrier’s VP for partners and intercontinental network, explained. “This creates an overall improvement in profitability in the intercontinental business.”
He continued: “We will in principle operate all routes on an annual basis with various seasonal adjustments. This also means that in winter the traffic program will reduce on the San Francisco and other North American routes.”
However, SAS’s recently reopened route from Oslo to New York has been so highly received that it will not immediately be threatened by seasonal adjustments.
Check-in / TTG
[pictured: Airbus A340; courtesy SAS]


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