SAS to open new route to Örnsköldsvik

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Airline aims to strengthen accessibility for this part of Sweden
Starting in April next year, SAS says it will start flying four times daily between Stockholm Arlanda and the northern town of Örnsköldsvik, strengthening accessibility to this region of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia coast south of Umeå.
Following what it says are “strong wishes in the region”, SAS will resume its Örnsköldsvik-Stockholm service from April 8, with sales to launch on October 3.
The route will initially be operated by one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft types on the market, the ATR72-600, with 70 seats per departure.
“We have heard strong hopes that SAS would once again start flying between Örnsköldsvik and Stockholm, both from the business community and from leisure travellers,” says Anders Wahlström, sales manager at SAS Sweden. “Örnsköldsvik is an exciting market for SAS with a large and growing export-oriented business community.”
The head of Örnsköldsvik’s business community, Håkan Åström, echoed these sentiments: “Our business is highly export-oriented and dependent on good air connections. At the same time, it is our hope that the Swedish government will reconsider its plans for the air tax that would make it difficult for Örnsköldsvik to fully realise the region’s growth potential.”
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