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House of Scandinavia as it will look at South by Southwest 2019 (image: SAS)

SAS to take “best of Scandinavia” to Texas

The House of Scandinavia will be a “creative hub” at SXSW in Austin, and Björn Ulvaeas of ABBA and the HRH Crown Princess of Denmark will be there.

Consumers in the USA will be able to “meet, taste, test and experience the best of the future” together with some of Scandinavia’s most innovative organisations, companies and profiles next month at the House of Scandinavia.

Hosted by SAS at the festival South by Southwest 2019 in Austin, Texas from March 6-13, the House of Scandinavia will be a “creative hub” promoted by the airline.

SAS revealed today that it would fly direct from Scandinavia to Austin, as it did last year, but this time it will be “with CO2-compensated tickets”.

SAS says it will “present and promote unique ideas and the best of Scandinavian culture at the American festival”, also known as SXSW, the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals.

House of Scandinavia is a global pop-up lounge hosted by SAS, serving as an official display window of Sweden, Norway and Denmark for over 280,000 international guests during the festival.

It will be “the setting for inspiring talks and activities all based on uniquely Scandinavian approaches to better solutions and societal, economic and environmental improvements”, SAS says.

House highlights
Among the House of Scandinavia’s highlights are the HRH Crown Princess of Denmark spearheading an official Danish initiative focusing on Scandinavian values and strengths in innovation, food and culture.

A pop-up VIP gourmet restaurant will feature Scandinavian techniques and flavours added to Texan dishes by the Swedish chef and haute cuisine pioneer Paul Svensson.

Together with Kamilla Seidler from Denmark, named Latin America’s best female chef, and Norwegian-Icelandic Atli Màr Yngvason, head chef at the Katla restaurant and at Pjoltergeist in Oslo, they will transform local food waste from both SXSW and Austin into a nine-course gourmet meal.

And Björn Ulvaeas of the world-famous pop group ABBA will represent the Swedish music tech firm Auddly, which “will share exciting news”.

Leading tech companies and Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr will talk about how they have joined forces and declared Stockholm ‘A Woman’s Place’ to make it a city where “everyone is safe from discrimination and free to flourish”.

Meanwhile, SAS Labs, responsible for greenfield innovative projects, will present new initiatives to “pioneer the next generation of travelling”, and SAS president and CEO Rickard Gustafson will take part in some of the activities.

Special flights
Travellers can fly with SAS from Scandinavia to Austin on a specially arranged direct flight, while also exploring “the latest in digitalised travelling” at an event at Copenhagen Airport.

The direct flight to SXSW departs Copenhagen on March 6 at 11:45 with an arrival in Austin at 15:25 local time. The return departs Austin at 20:15 with an arrival in Stockholm at 12:35.

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