SAS transfer passengers drag down CPH

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Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport sees more direct flights, fewer transfer passengers

Autumn holiday travellers from Denmark and southern Sweden prefer taking direct flights, Copenhagen Airport says, as it sees a significant drop in transfer passengers.

Almost a million people – a total of 958,394 – flew out of the airport during the autumn holiday period between October 12 and 22. But the total number of passengers passing through CPH in October, 2,614,672, represented a drop of 2%.

Spain and Greece were the favourite destinations for the autumn holiday season, while more passengers (778,312) took direct flights to their destinations, a rise of 2%. But the number of transfer passengers fell by 12.7% to 191,783.

“The numbers for this year’s autumn holiday travel reflect a trend we’ve seen all through 2017: more passengers flying out of Copenhagen are taking direct flights to their destinations, while the number of transfer passengers is falling,” said the airport’s chief executive, Thomas Woldbye.

A 1.2% rise in the number of locally departing passengers in October was not enough to offset the fall in transfer passengers stopping over at Copenhagen en route to their final destination, resulting in the overall decline. The airport points out that SAS is responsible for 82% of transfer passenger traffic at CPH.

Destinations on the rise
The new winter schedules this year give travellers from CPH six new direct seasonal routes as well as several new year-round routes to choose from. These include Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Agadir, Tromsø, Östersund, Kiev and New Delhi.

Overall passenger growth at the airport for 2017 to date is 1.2%. The top-three carriers in terms of passenger growth are Norwegian at 22%, Ryanair at 9% and Primera Air at 7%. London remains the top destination, while Spain’s growing popularity has made Màlaga this year’s fastest growing top-ten choice, with a 13.2% rise in passenger numbers to 499,063 in the first ten months of the year.

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