SAS unveils 15 new summer 2017 routes

List includes six all-year and nine summer routes
When the 2017 summer schedule starts, SAS says it will open six new all-year routes from Scandinavia and other summer-only routes, bringing the total number of launches to 15.
Meanwhile, the first of the airline’s 30 new Airbus A320neo aircraft with 15% less fuel consumption will be operating from October 26.
The new all-year routes are from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands and Riga, from Aalborg to Oslo, from Bergen to Gdansk and from Stockholm to Munich and Krakow.
In addition, SAS is increasing the number of frequencies to destinations in southern Europe in the high season. This means it will have 330,000 more seats on 1,800 more flights to Spain, such as Malaga, Barcelona, Alicante and Palma, as well as Portugal and Croatia.
The nine new summer-season routes are from Copenhagen to Malta and Olbia; from Aarhus to Malaga; from Oslo to Pristina; from Stavanger to Nice; from Kristiansand to Malaga and from Stockholm to Lisbon, Shannon and Pristina.
The dates and frequencies of the routes are:
All year routes
Copenhagen-Faroe Islands: First departure 26 March 2017, daily
Copenhagen-Riga: First departure 26 March 2017, twice daily except Saturdays
Aalborg-Oslo: First departure 26 March, daily except Mondays and Saturdays
Summer high season routes
Copenhagen-Malta: from 25 June – 13 August, departures Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Copenhagen-Olbia: From 24 June – 5 August, departures Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Aarhus-Malaga: From 2 July – 6 August, departures Sundays.
All year routes
Oslo-Aalborg: first departure 26 March 2017, daily except Mondays and Saturdays
Bergen-Gdansk, first departure 29 March, departures Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Summer routes
Oslo-Pristina: 4 August – 2 September, 10 roundtrips on selective dates
Stavanger-Nice: 24 June 17 – 5 Aug 17, departures Saturdays
Kristiansand-Malaga: 05 july – 9 August, departures Wednesday
All year routes
Stockholm-Munich: First departure 26 March 2017, daily except Fridays
Stockholm-Krakow: First departure 26 March 2017, departures Thursdays and Sundays
Summer routes
Stockholm-Lisbon: 25 June–06 August 2017, departures Thursdays and Sundays
Stockholm-Shannon: 1 August –7 October 2017, departures Tuesdays and Saturdays
Stockholm-Pristina: 1 August –26 August 2017, eight roundtrips on selective dates
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