SAS’s mango beer wins award

Mikkeller’s Hong Kong-inspired brew honoured
London-based magazine Monocle has listed its Travel Top 50 in an annual survey of the best innovations in the travel industry, and Mikkeller Beer found on SAS flights has won the Top Onboard Tipples category.
Monocle launched in 2007 and gives briefings on global affairs, business, culture, design and other matters. It also has multiple spinoff businesses such as a set of city travel guides, including one to Copenhagen.
Mikkeller brews several beers for SAS customers and the airline says there are more to come. Inspired by vintage SAS posters, Mikkeller’s art director Keith Shore came up with a design for the cans that shares the colour of the original SAS logo.
The beer referred to in Monocle’s awards, Sweet and Sour, is spontaneously fermented, and is inspired by the dynamic life and food culture of Hong Kong. It balances the sourness of spontaneously fermented beer with mango.
“Hong Kong has a special place in my heart, because my wife’s family is from there. I love Cantonese food, which made it easy for me to find the inspiration for the beer,” says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, Mikkeller’s founder.
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