Scandic praised for access for disabled guests

Trip to Stockholm by wheelchair-bound British journalist

Scandic’s work on accessibility issues – how hotels function for guests with disabilities – has attracted the attention of the international media this week. BBC World News broadcast a trip to Stockholm by wheelchair-bound British journalist Frank Gardner. The Hotel Scandic Victoria Tower in Kista, which opened last September, was selected for its holistic approach to accessibility.
The task of the BBC team was to find out what it’s like to travel and stay at a hotel for a person with a disability. The program follows legendary reporter Frank Gardner, who was injured during a mission to Saudi Arabia and has been confined to a wheelchair since 2004.
“We are noticing clearly that this is a hot topic, which is not surprising having in mind there are over 50 million people with some form of disability in Europe,” Magnus Berglund, accessibility ambassador at Scandic, said. “Here at Scandic all employees are trained in accessibility and we work daily in the group to ensure our hotels are accessible to all guests. We view our work on accessibility as an investment.”
[pictured: Inside the Scandic Victoria Tower]