Scandic refreshes Stockholm’s Vasateatern theatre

Vasateatern theatre will live once more in a new guise
The curtain will go up again in 2016 at the Vasateatern theatre in Stockholm. After having stood empty since 2009, the private theatre will live once more in a new guise.
“A vibrant cultural scene for theatre and music will become a reality” when the building is joined to the city’s Scandic Grand Central to create “a one-of-a-kind hotel with restaurants and bars”, hotel operator Scandic says. The design is the result of cooperation between Scandic and the owner of the property, KLP Fastigheter.
One of Sweden’s oldest theatres, Vasateatern dates from the 1890s. The foyer is already part of Scandic Grand Central. Next year, visitors will be able to step directly from the hotel’s bistro into “the historic and beautifully ornamented auditorium where legendary theatre directors such as Gösta Ekman senior and Karl Gerhard have performed, as well as contemporary actors like Mikael Persbrandt and Suzanne Reuter”, Scandic says.
Scandic Grand Central is already a venue for concerts and clubbing. With Vasateatern’s “spacious and majestic” stage, the hotel will be able to accommodate a larger audience. The theatre will be rented to production companies that put on smaller musical, theatrical and dance performances. The hotel will also be able to arrange and host conferences for up to 1,000 people.
TTG Nordic
[image courtesy Scandic]

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