Scandinavia’s ice hotels now open from mid-December

Lainio Snow Village in Finland to warm guests from December 10

Sweden opened its first ice hotel to guests at the groundbreaking ICEHOTEL in 1992. Scandinavia has since become a location for memorable winter breaks. Travellers looking for a real winter adventure can stay at ice hotels such as the Kirkenes Snow Hotel, the Alta Ice Hotel in Norway and Finland’s Lainio Snow Village as well as the original ICEHOTEL. Previously, many of the ice hotels were available to book only from January, but now the Lainio Snow Village can be booked from December 10 and the Kirkenes Snow Hotel can be booked from December 15. And, for the first time, a scaled down version of the ICEHOTEL in Sweden is open to the public during the summer until the end of August. its Art Suites are situated inside an art centre which, in turn, is enclosed in gigantic slabs of ice.
Each hotel is built every year by ingenious architects, with charismatic lighting, ice sculptures and ice rooms so no stay at an ice hotel will ever be the same. Evenings can be spent in a bar where even the glasses are carved out of ice. The frozen beds are insulated with reindeer hides and sleeping bags.
[pictured: Lainio Snow Village]