Scandinavia to Sydney in three hours?

Future of long-haul travel is via edge of space

Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s spaceflight company, says that super-fast passenger jet services will one day cut the time of a trip between London and Sydney to two-and-a-half hours.

The company is looking at the idea of using its SpaceShip 2 for long-haul flights, flying at the edge of space and re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere before landing. Virgin’s first priority, however, is to successfully operate its space tourism program.

“If we can get this first step right, take people into space and keep them safe in commercially viable aircraft, the aim is to try and push long-haul aviation above the fragile atmosphere into space,” Virgin Galactic’s commercial director Stephen Attenborough explained at the Wired 2013 event in London last week.

Yahoo! News

[image courtesy Virgin Galactic]