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Image: Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Scandinavian Mountains Airport to open soon

Two airlines are reported to be preparing for flights to the new airport in Sälen, but there are border issues to sort out first.

This coming December, Sweden’s first new airport in 20 years is scheduled to open, and two airlines are already prepared to start flights there.

Scandinavian Mountains Airport, also referred to as Sälen Trysil Airport, is currently under construction in Dalarna, close to the Norwegian border.

The proximity to Norway is an important issue still under discussion, with the need to establish a control zone that extends across the border, the travel news site Flygtorget reports.

The weekend of December 21 and 22 is set as the opening weekend, coinciding with the first planes to land there. But the airport is being tight-lipped about who they belong to.

“No, I can’t tell who they are,” Scandinavian Mountains Airport’s chief executive Brett Weihart tells Flygtorget.

“Our IATA code is not ready yet and before that it is not possible to enter the flights in the booking systems. So the airlines want to wait with the data until everything is in place and it’s possible to book the flights.”

A clue may lie in the fact that the initial traffic will emanate from the south and from the south-east, according to Flygtorget.

International approach
Meanwhile, work is underway to establish a new control zone around the airport. The 2,500-metre runway lies in the direction 15/33 and is less than five kilometres from the border. This means that entry and exit will take place over Norwegian airspace.

The Norwegian Aviation Authority is looking into the matter, stating that if it “cannot establish controlled airspace in line with the application then it will be very demanding – not to say impossible – to carry out flights to and from the airport”.

However, it admits that the inevitable increase in tourism to Sälen will also benefit Norwegian businesses ski resorts, and that flights could take place from Oslo as well as from Stockholm.

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