Scandinavian pilots threaten strike

Short-haul flights would be hit from September 11
Pilots working for SAS may go on strike in September after failure to reach an agreement with the airline on interpreting the rules of a collective bargaining agreement.
Members of the Danish and Norwegian unions Dansk Pilotforening (DPF), SAS-flygeres Forening (NSF) and SAS Norge Pilotforening (SNF) are threatening to walk out, according to press reports.
Pilots represented by the DPF say that short-haul flights in Europe would be hit, from September 11.
The strike threat does not yet include Swedish pilots, as their union has been in separate negotiations with SAS since the end of March.
One of the sticking points between the two sides is pilots’ peak-season schedules and how to interpret collective agreement rules for pilots’ working conditions.
euronews / The Local