Scandinavian Star fire: another verdict

Catastrophic fire that killed 159 people was “not sabotage”
An investigative commission in Norway has concluded that the catastrophic fire that killed 159 people on the vehicle and passenger ferry Scandinavian Star in 1990 was not sabotage.
The vessel was sailing from Oslo to Frederikshavn when a fire broke out in a pile of bedding at around 02:00.
Among many different theories as to what started the fire, initial investigations suggested there were several fires on different parts of the ship, which meant they may have been started deliberately.
Norwegian police blamed a Danish truck driver who had earlier convictions for arson and who died in the fire, but these charges were dropped. In 1993, the captain, the shipping company director and the ship’s owner were convicted of breaking safety rules.
Most recently, in early 2016, Danish accident investigator Flemming Thue Jensen broke 26 years of silence to say two crew members were responsible. But a Norwegian police report last year concluded it was impossible to say who may have been behind the fire.
Now, the Norwegian commission says the fire spread quickly due to overheating in the ship’s steel construction but found no evidence the fire was started deliberately.
NTB / Copenhagen Post