Scandlines’ second hybrid ferry sets sail

M/V Copenhagen goes into operation this morning
The second of Scandlines’ new hybrid ferries for the Rostock-Gedser line left the Danish shipyard this week. M/V Copenhagen went into operation at 09:00 this morning from Gedser in Denmark.
The new vessel has successfully completed a comprehensive test program (harbour acceptance tests) over the last couple of months and then went on a five-day sea trial (sea acceptance tests) where manoeuvrability was tested under usual and unusual conditions. The ship then returned to the Fayard shipyard for final adjustments.
“The vessel performs fully as expected, it is a pleasure,” said senior captain Christian B Jensen. “The maximum speed was measured at 24.5 knots off the Swedish coast.”
“Scandlines’ new hybrid ferry now leaves the yard as a beautiful swan,” exclaimed Thomas Andersen, Fayard A/S chief executive.
Scandlines wants to rebuild the injection system of the engines of the new hybrid ferries, Berlin and Copenhagen, but the injection modules cannot be delivered until January 1. Both vessels will be converted during January 2017, something that the ferry operator says will not affect the Rostock-Gedser timetable.
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