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Sørenga Badstu og Helårsbad

Second sauna to float in Oslo’s waters

A financial grant gives the organisers the resources to build a much bigger city-centre floating sauna.

A new raft in Oslo, in the harbour close to the city, will give sauna lovers a second opportunity to get a steaming and a dip in the sea. The new sauna will be available all year round.

The first floating sauna, anchored at Sørenga in central Oslo, has already become a popular attraction in the Norwegian capital since opening in 2015.

Now, a grant amounting to a million kroner (just over €100,000) will assist the concept’s organisers to build a bigger floating sauna, reports the news site VårtOslo.

“We are lucky enough to have received one million kroner from the DNB Savings Bank Foundation [Sparebankstiftelsen],” Ragna Marie Fjeld, chair of the association Sørenga Badstu og Helårsbad (Sørenga Sauna and Year-Round Swimming), tells VårtOslo.

“This money will go towards building a new floating sauna. The new raft will enable sauna and bathing all year round.”

Built quickly
The new floating structure will supplement the existing sauna-on-the-water, the report says. Its final design was selected from 57 submissions in a competition.

The chosen design was by architecture students Stian Fommestad and Edvard Glazebrook and is based on 30×30 beams that can be hammered together in very little time.

According to Fommestad, “This is a concept that can be built quickly, within a week. We hope to see it finished soon.”

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