Secret consortium plans Norway-UK ferry line

New chairman confirms the company is looking for a vessel

Ferry services between western Norway and Newcastle in England will return if a secret consortium succeeds in raising capital for the line, according to the new company’s chairman of the board. The investors are said to from both Norway and the UK. Chairman Ole Warberg, who is also managing director of Visit Bergen, says that the next step is to either buy or rent a suitable ferry.
“There are plenty of ships on the market,” he told the newspaper Bergens Tidende. “For a new ferry to England to be profitable, it will have to be of appropriate size and standard. For this reason, the new company is concentrating on ships that can hold 600 to 800 passengers, 200 to 300 cars, and 50 to 100 containers.”
He continued: “Our hope was to make a final decision by July 1 this year, but I don’t think that timeframe is feasible. We’re now working first and foremost on getting in enough capital to operate the new route.”
The Local
[pictured: Bergen in summer]