Security causes delays at German airports

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Munich Airport

Greek and German police collaborate to catch people with fake papers

Security checks are becoming longer and more intensive at German airports, especially for passengers flying from Greece. Security is being heightened because of a wave of passengers flying with falsified papers.

Greek liaison officers are now helping to increase airport checks in Germany, a police source tells the news agency AFP, to be stationed at airports in Frankfurt and Munich to intensify passport checks.

Around 1,000 people with falsified documents were intercepted at airports in Germany between January and October after flying in from Greece, the German interior ministry says, a trend that is continuing as forgery gangs in Greece sell false passports to asylum seekers.

Delayed for hours
“They are even opening luggage,” the source said. “We heard of one person delayed for one and a half hours.”

Media reports say that Greece is struggling to accommodate the 60,000 refugees and migrants on its territory, allegedly turning a blind eye to those who escape, something the Greek migration ministry denies.