Security incidents at Nordic airports

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Serious security incidents in Gothenburg and Bergen
A man in his 20s was arrested at Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport after a suspicious object was detected in his luggage during security, while in Bergen the terminal was evacuated due to a suspicious package.
Police cordoned off part of the departure area at Landvetter on Thursday and the bomb squad was called in to deal with the potentially dangerous object, the exact nature of which was not released.
The unidentified man, who was travelling to another EU country, was arrested on suspicion of attempting to endanger the public, police said.
The T3 terminal at Bergen’s Flesland Airport – Norway’s second-busiest airport – was evacuated on Wednesday due to a “grenade-like object” found in the luggage area during scanning. However, closer examination showed that the object was ceramic and the terminal was quickly reopened.
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