Seventy sellers meet 600 buyers

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Stockholm Travel show stages floating ‘workship’
B2B was conducted on board Tallink Silja this week with 70 sellers from around the world meeting 600 buyers from Sweden and Finland, all of them working in the travel trade.
Billed as “Two cities, one ‘workship’”, the Stockholm Travel Show helped to build working relationships for the fifth time, as the Stockholm & Helsinki B2B Travel Show 2017 took place in the harbours in Stockholm on September 12 and Helsinki on September 13.
Travel agents, tour operators, travel managers, company VIPs, network contacts and the media were among the visitors.
It was a great success too for Martin Ahlberg of FIN-S / Finesse, a travel trade PR and networking agency based in Stockholm, who was delighted with the outcome of the event in both capitals on board the Tallink Silja ship.
TTG Nordic
[pictured: Jagart Perera, Sri Lanka; Irma Alto, FIN-S; Martin Ahlberg, FIN-S]