Should hotels charge fees for housekeeping?

Some hotel chains are starting to look at saving on room-cleaning costs

More hotels and resorts appear to be adding an extra charge to guests’ bills, for housekeeping. Guests at the luxury Atlantis resort in the Bahamas are “required to pay a mandatory housekeeping gratuity and utility service fee of up to $22.95 (€16.40) per person per day,” according to the resort’s website. At the opposite end of the market, at the European discount chain easyHotel, guests are charged additional housekeeping fees of between €8 and €10. At one property, it even charges per extra towel. But they do so, of course, at the risk of annoying guests.
However, in an effort to cut back on costs, some hotel chains are starting to offer discounts to guests if they decide not to have housekeeping services. Certain Starwood properties offer 500 frequent-stayer points for turning them down. Guests seem to be happy with this option.
Orlando Sentinel