Should you take a cruise in hurricane season?

A nearby storm makes rough water; take motion sickness tablets

As tropical storm Beryl brings heavy rain to parts of Georgia and Florida, Conde Nast Traveler asks if it’s sensible to be taking a cruise between June 1 and November 30 – hurricane season in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific coast from Mexico to Hawaii, the Atlantic coast and around Bermuda. Forecasters say the season will be lighter this year. And cruise ships can be re-routed if storms are near, so passengers should be open to a sudden change in itinerary. But a storm in the vicinity can make for rough water; passengers affected by motion sickness should consider a cruise at another time or place. The peak for hurricane activity is said to be around September 10.
Caribbean cruises tend to be cheapest in last-minute deals bought in late June for August-October sailings. Travel insurance should include hurricane-related coverage, such as travel to and from the cruise.
Conde Nast Traveler
[image courtesy Royal Caribbean]