Showers with crystal chandeliers and glass walls?

Hotels race to offer something special to guests that sets them apart

New upscale hotels are racing to differentiate themselves from the competition. That includes offering shower units with glass walls, crystal chandeliers and other classy gimmicks. Rooms at the Wyndham at the new Gateway Gettysburg complex in New York boast 43-square-foot showers with five shower heads mounted at knee, thigh, chest, head and overhead levels. The Sanderson Hotel in London has showers with glass walls facing into the room (and optional curtains). The newly opened Mondrian SoHo hotel in New York, operated by Morgans Hotel Group Co., has showers with walls of marble and large opaque windows with views of Manhattan. At the same company‘s Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami, the water in the shower shoots out of a crystal chandelier. The W hotel in Mexico City even has hammocks in its spacious showers.
For guests, such innovative features make their stays especially memorable. But some guests are finding the classy new showers impractical, confusing and wasteful with water. They’re also indicative of an overall trend that bathtubs may gradually be on their way out; guidelines for new hotels at Marriott limit tubs to 25% of rooms or less.
The Wall Street Journal
[pictured: Sanderson Hotel, London]


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