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Canyon Ranch Lox Eggs Benedict / Singapore Airlines

SIA enhances well-being on world’s longest flights

Singapore Airlines has teamed up with scientists and nutritionists at US health-spa specialist Canyon Ranch.

Singapore Airlines says it has the health of its passengers at heart on its ultra-long haul flights, such as its non-stop services between Singapore and New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It has partnered with Canyon Ranch, which it calls “the world’s premiere integrative wellness brand”, to help reinvent ultra-long air travel with a focus on “wellness cuisines, rest and relaxation, and general well-being”.

Canyon Ranch runs two health-spa resorts in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts, and its team of experts from integrative medicine, exercise, nutrition and other disciplines – collectively known as Canyon Ranch Wellness Architects – have developed science-based strategies for improved sleep, exercise and stretching.

The architects have also worked on nutrition-focused menus, applied specifically to SIA’s almost 19-hour service between Singapore and New York (Newark), the world’s longest commercial flight, launching on October 11, as well as the flights to California.

Nutrition and hydration
The ‘wellness cuisines’ developed by Canyon Ranch’s chefs and nutritionists focus on nutrition and hydration taking into consideration the long periods with less body movement, combined with “bold flavours and textures”. These are offered in addition to SIA’s own meal selections.

A rest and relaxation programme includes “sleep strategies” designed to help customers in all cabin classes improve the quality of rest, as well as light settings to provide better cabin ambience.

And guided stretching exercises led by Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists, meanwhile, are accessible via personal seatback entertainment systems to promote relaxation.

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