Silversea keen to expand expedition cruises

“There is more demand than supply,” says senior VP. “It’s a barren market.”

Silversea Cruises says it is “very keen” on expansion in expeditions and has its eye on a new ship for this specialist cruise sector. Silversea’s new senior vice-president for the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific regions told TTG onboard the Silver Cloud that its expedition ship Silver Explorer was a “point of differentiation” from its competitors and that agents should capitalise on its higher prices and its status as a high-value booking. “There is more demand than supply,” he said. “It’s a barren market.” The second vessel could be an acquisition or newly built ship.
Silversea is focussing on trying to find a “new generation of customer. The secret is finding people that haven’t cruised before; not just other cruise customers – we need to target the first timers.”
[pictured: Silver Explorer; photo courtesy Silversea Cruises]


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