Silversea launches new “speciality expeditions”

Cruises focus on birdwatching, photography, diving, gastronomy…
Recognising the wide variety of passions that adventure travellers have, Silversea has launched new collections of speciality expeditions, each offering a focus on activities like birdwatching, photography, scuba diving, wellness and gastronomy.
To support the launch, six mini-brochures are available in print format and as digital flipbooks, ranging from six to eight pages. Each provides an overview of a particular speciality cruise program and a calendar of sailing dates.
From spotting bald eagles in Alaska to witnessing the blue-footed boobies of Galápagos, the line’s Birding & Ornithology Expedition Voyages will give casual bird enthusiasts, serious birdwatchers and nature lovers a “life list” of bird sightings.
Designed for “the adventurous traveller who is a gourmet at heart”, Culinary Expedition Voyages offer an array of culinary events on board and ashore. Photography Expedition Voyages include photo walks in exotic destinations, onboard lectures and workshops with a professional photographer.
Diving Expedition Voyages take in the natural treasures of remote atolls and the mesmerising underwater worlds of Indonesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.
And on Wellness Expedition Voyages, guests can do fitness training, stretching, yoga and Pilates while journeying to “destinations that are well off the beaten path” in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.
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[photo courtesy Silversea Expeditions]