Singapore Airlines drops Airbus A380

Original launch customer not to renew lease
Singapore Airlines is dropping its A380 super-jumbo, opting not to keep the first one it leased. The decision is another setback for Airbus as orders for the giant plane continue to sag.
The development is especially significant as SIA was the launch customer for the famous two-deck aircraft back in 2007. The airline’s ten-year contract for it expires next year.
“Our first five A380s are on 10-year leases, with options to extend. The first expires in October 2017, and we have decided not to extend it,” a spokesperson explained. “For the other four, decisions will be made later.”
The airline also has orders for five separate A380s with Airbus, due for delivery from the second half of 2017.
Airbus has already cut its delivery target for the A380 by more than half. Large planes like the A380 and Boeing’s 747 series have fallen out of favour in recent years.

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