Flights to Tokyo watched closely after tsunami

Carriers are monitoring the nuclear situation closely; demand for tickets has fallen

In the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and now the nuclear power plant crisis, airlines flying to Japan are watching events closely ready to pull back flights if necessary. Radioactive levels have become “significantly” higher around the Fukushima plant and there is a possibility that a change in wind direction could bring radiation closer to Tokyo.
Air China has cancelled its Tuesday and Wednesday flights to Tokyo from Beijing and Shanghai because, it says, it does not want its aircraft on the ground in Japan overnight. Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia’s AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air New Zealand and Cebu Pacific all state that they are concerned about the situation and are monitoring it closely. Some carriers acknowledged that demand for travel to Japan had fallen.
A spokesperson for Cathay Pacific said: “We are monitoring the situation very carefully and so far there has been no authoritative suggestion that flight operations to Japan are likely to be affected. We will continue to comply fully with guidelines from relevant aviation authorities.”
[pictured: Ground handling of THAI Airbus A330]

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