Singapore fights Zika amid travel advisories

City-state urges tests for pregnant women with symptoms
Singapore is advising all pregnant women with Zika-like symptoms – fever, rash, red eyes, joint pain – to be tested for the virus. The city-state has now confirmed 82 locally transmitted cases of the mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects, and the number is rising fast.
Singapore has launched a push to wipe out mosquitoes in affected areas. The cases are believed to have originated on a high-rise housing construction site in the Aljuneid district, among migrant workers.
The US, Australia, Taiwan and South Korea are now advising pregnant women against travel to Singapore.
Singapore said that women with male partners who are Zika-positive must also be tested, whether or not they have been to Zika-affected areas and whether or not they have symptoms. Testing is free of charge.
Meanwhile, signs and notices are springing up urging Singapore residents to spray parts of the home like dark corners, where adult mosquitoes may be hiding.

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