Singaporeans demand Nordics and Balkans

Asian tourists are rejecting the usual favourites in Europe
Singaporean tourists are rejecting the usual favourites in Europe in favour of newer destinations in the Balkans and the Nordics, a clear trend at the Travel Revolution fair held at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands over the weekend.
Terror attacks in London and Paris as well as the lure of locations used in the popular TV series Game of Thrones are pushing demand towards more exotic locations elsewhere in Europe.
Held on August 4-6, the Travel Revolution event featured a line-up of specialist speakers from Finland, Norway, the Balkans, Turkey and Eastern Europe.
Among Singaporean agencies, CS Travel rolled out low rates for its popular 10-day Europe itineraries at the fair to target family year-end travel from Singapore.
Travel Star, meanwhile, is providing more customised land tours and translator-guide services for these destinations.
“The trend now is that customers are adding land tours to their free-and-easy itineraries,” said marketing & HR manager Zheng Lingna. “They prefer to buy their own flight tickets online, then come to us with their own set of itineraries and plan their tour with us.”
TTG Asia

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