Skåne seeks Danes for meetings and incentives

Tourism in Skåne promotes “Copenhagen’s wild backyard”



“Copenhagen’s wild backyard” is what Tourism in Skåne, the marketing company for promoting tourism in the southernmost province of Sweden, is calling the region in a large-scale campaign to get Danes to discover new experiences “just outside the door”. This also applies to meetings, conferences, courses and teamwork events that can be organised in the Danes’ neighbouring country.
“Denmark is one of Skåne’s most important markets,” says Jeanette Innala, research director for business development and partnership at Tourism in Skåne. “And now it is time to take a few more steps towards processing the Danish meeting market more proactively. It is an important initiative, where we, together with our destinations and business partners, will strengthen Skåne’s position as the venue for the Danes.”
She characterises Skåne as the interaction between a high concentration of professional and often idyllic meeting and conference venues and “the great Swedish nature”. The region is “almost home, but still abroad”.
As an example of memorable events, she points to meeting facilities up in the treetops at Hovdala Trädhus an hour’s drive from the bridge, whale watching at Kullen, and the peaceful Drakamöllan Farm Hotel situated in the middle of its own nature reserve just south of Kristianstad.
TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy Hovdala Trädhus]