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Cross-country skiing in Riksgränsen, on the border between Norway and Sweden

Skiing and snowboarding in summer in Scandinavia

The far north of Scandinavia will soon be hosting the midnight sun once again, when it’s possible to ski around the clock in summer.

The skiing and snowboarding are never over in the far north until the midnight sun finally sets over the horizon after three long summer months, the Daily Scandinavian reports.

More than 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, at Riksgränsen close to the border with Norway, skiing all day and all summer long is possible.

Putting on your skis in June, July and August in the deep-snow scenery makes up for the mostly unchallenging slopes and the disorientating 24-hour daylight that gives visitors the whole day to enjoy winter in the summer months.

Riksgränsen became famous in the mid-90s when professional Swedish snowboarder Ingemar Backman set the world record there for the highest ‘air out of a quarter-pipe’ in May 1996, though this has since been broken – first by a Finn, then by a Norwegian.

But its remoteness, wildness and lack of park facilities have ensured it remains largely overlooked compared to glaciers in central Europe.

Legendary place
“It’s become a bit of a legendary place for the Swedes,” says Torkel Karoliussen, a champion Norwegian skier from Telemark far to the south who has visited Riksgränsen about 15 times.

“The season doesn’t really start until March, and it’s best in May, and you can ski under the midnight sun in June.”

Little has changed in these landscapes over the centuries. The region is still mainly populated by the indigenous Sami community whose income derives from reindeer farming and who, it is estimated, own around 100,000 reindeer. But the area is also rich in mountain wildlife such as foxes, brown bear, lynx and wolves.

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