Single European Sky project “at risk”

The European Union’s plans to unify its skies are facing serious delays, the transport commissioner warns.

The EU is encountering too much opposition from European governments to its proposals to cut air-travel delays. That is the message EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas is trying to put across this week as the commission and European governments meet in Bruges to discuss the Single European Sky program. The opposition appears to be against the removal of national barriers in the continent’s air-traffic routes, something that would create a single set of efficiency standards for national traffic-control agencies.

Earlier this year, the European Commission and the 27 EU governments agreed to accelerate the program. But when Mr Kallas presented a proposal for a comprehensive, pan-European set of performance targets for air-traffic-control agencies on October 25, the government representatives rejected them as being too severe. Now Mr. Kallas is considering whether to put pressure on the EU’s 27 transport ministers at a meeting in December, asking them to decide on whether the Single European Sky project should be dropped altogether.

Wall Street Journal

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