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Skytrax 2018 airline awards, the best airline in the world is Singapore Airlines

The Skytrax awards were presented this week at the Langham Hotel in London and one Nordic carrier did well.

Singapore Airlines is the best in show

A long-awaited honor to Singapore Airlines (SIA) when it was named Skytrax “best airline in the world”. This is the fourth time SIA won this award, it also won in 2004, 2007 and 2008. SIA CEO Goh Choon Hong said: “I dedicate this award to our 26.000 employees who focus every day on delivering the world’s best travel experience to our customers. This recognition will further motivate us to improve upon the three main pillars of our brand promise – product leadership, service excellence and network connectivity – to ensure we retain our competitive advantage and continue to meet and exceed customers expectations”.

How is the Skytrax ranking based

The rankings are based on the feedback from 20 million travelers from more than 100 countries. This is an unpaid survey, covering more than 335 airlines and measuring 49 parameters ranging from boarding procedures, seat comfort and to the total quality of service. Skytrax is a neutral organization and the awards are presented annually.

Who are the climbers and descenders

Asian and Middel-East airlines are dominating the elite and are holding nine of the top 10 positions. Airlines from North-America are not doing well, with Delta in the lead but only ranked as number 37. Lufthansa on the other hand is doing great and was ranked in seventh place and the only airline outside Asia and Middle-East to reach within top 10. Lufthansa also got into Skytrax five-star club earlier in 2018.
Norwegian did it again and was awarded “Best low-cost long-haul airline” for the fourth consecutive year. Some say Norwegian do not have much competition in its class, but the fact is there are 21 airlines from 17 countries competing with Norwegian.
In the class “World’s best airline” there were some movements, Finnair fell 2 places to 27, Norwegian down 4 places to 32, SAS climbed 5 places to 60, Ryanair jumped 14 places to 64, easyJet down 2 places to 43, Eurowings jumped 5 places to 59 and Air Asia down 2 places to 47.