Smurfing on a rising tide

Smurf villages could be a new travel destination

With The Smurfs 3D film soon to be release, expectations are running high with the probable increased popularity of the little blue creatures. 
Abu Dhabi announced on Tuesday its plans to build the world’s first Smurf Village. Divided into 12 separate districts, the Smurf Village features mushroom houses and specially created activities areas for children, including ‘Papa Smurf’s Story Corner’, ‘Smurfette’s Land of Beauty’, ‘Smurf Fun Park’, and ‘The Promenade’ 
And, the town of Juzcar, in Southern Spain, has been repainted in blue, including the church, before hosting the world premiere of The Smurfs 3D.
But the legend says that outsiders cannot find the Smurf village except when shown the way by a smurf. Travel agencies will probably need to find their smurf.
AOL Travel
[pictured: Summer in Abu Dhabi multistrip]