Sneak peak of Iceland’s new glacier ice cave

World’s first ice-cap glacier cave to open in June

The Guardian gives a photographic tour of what will be the world’s first ice-cap glacier cave when it opens in June. The attraction is being created on the western slopes of Iceland’s Langjökull ice cap. Work began on it in May 2014.

“Five thousand cubic metres of glacial ice have been excavated to create the three-metre-wide tunnels and the chambers of the Ice Cave,” the newspaper says. “Combined, these awe-inspiring spaces will take approximately an hour to explore, in the company of an expert guide.”

A single 400-metre-long corridor will run into the heart of the glacier, with chambers at intervals along the way for educational exhibitions on the science of glaciers and the effects of global warming. One chamber in the glacier will be a chapel for couples to get married in.

The Guardian’s pictures can be seen here.

The Guardian

[pictured: Inside Langjökull; photo courtesy Extreme Iceland]