Social networks to fuel airlines’ loyalty programs

Airlines will begin to acknowledge recognition on social networks

Airline loyalty programs are not working as they should, consultant Shashank Nigam writes in SimpliFlying. More than 80% of people who have them never manage to earn enough miles for a flight, while most of the other 20% “fly so much that the last thing they want to do is step on another plane.” In an effort to boost loyalty, managers may resort to the growing power of social media.
A recent study found that there are already more airlines on Twitter than there are with frequent flyer programs, while 90% of frequent flyers use Facebook on a regular basis, with more than 65% of them giving at least one airline the public “Like” endorsement. This growth in two-way social media conversations rather than one-way ads means that recognition will be a feature of the future in addition to points and upgrades.

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