Solar powered bicycles for rent in Oslo

Idea is part of a trial project aiming for greener accessibility
Solar powered electric bicycles are available for rent in Oslo this summer. They can be found at Aker Brygge or Oslo Central Station and can be hired for NOK 1 per minute.
The idea is part of a trial project called Sun Mobility, which aims to contribute to better, cleaner and greener accessibility in the city. The bikes will initially be available until September.
The bicycles are called Sun Bikes and are deployed for charging and rental at Bryggetorget as well as next to Oslo Central Station. There is no time limit on the rental, but they have a maximum range of 70 kilometres.
Bicycle charging stations are part of a network of ‘solar trees’, which also offer free wifi and charging for mobile phones and electric grills. An extra ‘tree’ is located near the Museum of Oslo in Frogner Park.
Behind Sun Mobility is Møller Solenergi (Møller Solar Energy), owned by car import company MøllerGruppen.
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