South Africa to focus on adventure tourism

Soft adventure “may be tasting Pinotage or a bicycle tour of Soweto”
South African Tourism is launching a new campaign focusing on adventure as part of its efforts to counter the negativity caused by the introduction of the child visa in June this year.
Chief marketing officer Margie Whitehouse told TTG Digital that it had been a “real challenge” but that the destination had seen “significant growth over the past 21 years since democracy” and this should ultimately continue.
“South Africa is a very easy sell if you focus on Cape Town and the Kruger,” she said, citing the lack of jet lag from Europe, seasonality and proliferation of repeat visitors.
But she highlighted the need to focus on all the other areas and attractions the country has to offer, such as heritage, food, activities and culture as well as other cities like Johannesburg and Durban.
“Our focus next year is going to be on getting as many people out to try these experiences as possible. We are launching a campaign that will focus on soft adventure. It may be tasting Pinotage, a bicycle tour of Soweto or even experiencing the warmth of the locals. It’s all a South African adventure.”
The campaign, which is due to launch at the end of this year, is especially aimed at the younger traveller but still appeals to older tourists.
TTG Digital