Space tourism port ready for launch

Virgin Galactic’s commercial flights to follow next year’s test flights

Construction work on the launch pad for the first venture in space tourism has been completed in the New Mexico desert. Test flights are scheduled to take off from Spaceport America, the world’s first commercial spaceport, in 2012, with Virgin Galactic’s commercial flights to follow soon afterwards. Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson christened the spaceport by abseiling down the side of it drinking from a bottle of champagne. He described the spaceport as “literally out of this world.”
The space flights will cost around €145,000 and last 2.5 hours, providing for five minutes of weightlessness. About 150 people have already bought tickets. Branson plans to take himself and his kids up on one of the first flights.
TTG Digital
[pictured: Project Bandaloop dance troupe graces the Spaceport America facade]

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