Spain: record year but room for growth

International visitors to Spain up 10% in 2016
Spain is delighted to have smashed its record for international visitors in 2016 – but for 2017 it expects even more, saying there is still room for growth.
It hosted a record 75.3 million international visitors last year, up 9.9% from the previous year. It is the fourth consecutive record-breaking year – and a fifth is expected for 2017.
“Far be it from me to think that we have hit a ceiling, we are far from that,” Tourism Minister Alvaro Nadal said at a press conference to present the 2016 figures.
Spain was the world’s third most visited country in 2015 after France and the United States. Each foreign tourist in Spain spent €1,023 on average in 2016, up 3.75% on the previous year.
That’s a total of €77 billion, an 8.3% increase from 2015. Tourism makes up 11% of Spain’s gross domestic product.
Brits topped the list among the visitors, with 17 million, or one in five of the total, a 12.3% rise over the previous year, apparently showing there is no Brexit effect so far.