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Photo: Finnair

Spanish cabin crew to join Finnair payroll

The 60 crew members will get a pay boost as they continue to be based in Spain but will no longer be employed by a temping agency.

Finnair and the Spanish recruitment and employment company Adecco have agreed that cabin crew numbering around 60 people working the carrier’s routes to Barcelona and Madrid will join the Finnair payroll.

The crew will continue to be based in Spain but will be on the airline’s payroll instead of a temping agency starting from April 1.

The routes between Helsinki and both Barcelona and Madrid have been operated with Finnair’s pilots but also with subcontracted Adecco cabin crew since 2013 – who have been working for salaries far lower than the wages cabin crew who are directly employed in Finland receive.

“This model better supports our goals and creates possibilities to further develop the service experience on our Barcelona and Madrid routes,” claims Eveliina Huurre, vice president of inflight experience at Finnair.

“During the summer season we are adding one daily frequency on our Barcelona route, and our Finland-based crew will also serve on this route.”

Outsourcing staff
Finnair’s outsourcing model has long been a source of irritation among Finnish unions. When the deal with Adecco came into effect in 2013, the unions feared that the Spanish employees may be used to staff planes more extensively in the event of a strike.

The Finnish trade union SLSY welcomes the new agreement, writes the Danish aviation labour site

“We see it as a positive development that Finnair, despite outsourcing, is assuming responsibility as an employer. This makes it easier for the employees in Spain to negotiate better terms, where in the past they have faced a staffing agency that earned commission to rent them to Finnair,” says SLSY chairman Jari Toivonen.

A321 lease
Finnair will also be leasing an Airbus A321 aircraft from its oneworld partner Iberia for the Madrid route starting April 1. The lease contract is for 12 months and will cover a temporary shortage of aircraft at the airline.

With the leased aircraft, the cockpit crew come from Iberia while the cabin crew are Finnair’s. But during the lease’s first operating month the flights will be operated with Iberia’s cabin crew and there will be one Finnair crew member on board “to support the delivery of Finnair’s customer service concept”, the airline says.

“Leasing an aircraft from our trusted oneworld partner Iberia supports our growth and the need to increase our aircraft capacity during the upcoming months,” maintains Jaakko Schildt, chief operating officer at Finnair.

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