Stadium row: Royal Caribbean vs. David Beckham

Beckham wants to build football stadium in Miami port

David Beckham and Royal Caribbean are set for a battle over the global football star’s plans to build a soccer stadium in Miami.

Beckham and fellow investors want to build the stadium in 12 acres of PortMiami as part of a wider plan that could see the whole 36-acre site redeveloped. But Royal Caribbean objects to the scheme due to traffic concerns and its own confidential plans for the site.

The cruise line argues that an existing car park, daycare centre and employee gym would need to move to make room for the stadium.

The Major League Soccer stadium would seat between 25,000 and 40,000 football fans and comes as Beckham tries to strike a deal with Miami-Dade County. He believes that building the stadium in the port would guarantee the footing it needs to sustain the redevelopment.

“We have deep reservations about using this port as a location for a stadium,” said Rob Zeiger, Royal Caribbean’s vice-president and chief communications officer.

TTG Digital / Miami Herald


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