Star Alliance takes over Heathrow Terminal 2

All Star Alliance carriers allowed to be under one roof

Star Alliance says it is delighted by an announcement by Heathrow Airport to make Terminal 2 the new home for the alliance’s member carriers. Star is the second-biggest alliance grouping at Heathrow, one of the world’s most important trade and tourism gateways, The alliance offers more than 21% of all available seat capacity from the airport.
“Now the way is clear for the creation of a true alliance terminal, which will offer many innovative features.” Lufthansa responded. “Having all Star Alliance members collocated in Terminal 2 will allow the minimum connecting time between flights to be halved to just 45 minutes, thereby increasing the number of possible flight connections by 31%.”
Once the new Terminal 2 opens in 2014, the 23 Star Alliance member carriers operating at Heathrow will move in various stages from their current locations.
TTG Nordic
[image courtesy Lufthansa Group]

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